My New Beautiful Backsplash

Guest post by Big Burt


Photo by Big Burt

Wow! That is awesome! My dad replaced our old backsplash and put in a new one. A backsplash is the tiles behind the counter. It took one day to take it off the old backsplash. Then one day to put the new tiles back in. And one day to fill in the cracks. Before all of that, my dad had to take off the microwave. Because if my dad had not removed the microwave then you could not put in the tiles.


Have you ever replaced anything in your home?
What do you like about the backsplash?
What patterns do you see?

One thought on “My New Beautiful Backsplash

  1. Hi, I remember about 8 years ago my dad replaced the backsplash in my kitchen. I remember I went to my grandma’s house and then I came home and I walked into the kitchen and I saw that the kitchen looked COMPLETELY different. I really like the colors of your new backsplash. Continue blogging!

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